Forcing Fonts to Fit with jQuery

I honestly don’t know how I used to code Javascript before jQuery. Though I’ve tried to repress the horrible memories of those days, I still suffer from flashbacks of hunting through obscure alert errors messages to determine which browser was choking on my code… and that was just to do simple menu mouseover animations! Thankfully things have come a very long way in the last few years! We now have free access to excellent Javascript debugging tools such as Firefox Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools, slick APIs such as jQuery that put the focus back on writing powerful code, and an emerging cross-browser convergence towards true standards compliance (though Internet Explorer still lives its own fantasy world where standards are mere suggestions, » read more «

Add get_comments_popup_link to WordPress

WordPress is a great platform for building your own blog, but, as with any open-source code base, it has a few annoyances that makes writing your own custom code harder than should be necessary. One of my biggest complaints has to be the inconsistency with functions that return strings versus output the string via echo. Most major functions in WordPress have echo and string variants. For instance, we can output the title of a WordPress post with: Alternatively, we can store the value of the post title as a string variable with: As I said, most major functions in WordPress follow this pattern— but an annoyingly small set only have their echo variant. This is the case for the function » read more «

TheScubaGeek Reloaded

Wow. It’s been a while. And by a while, I mean a really long time. But here I go again, blowing the dust off the keyboard, cracking my knuckles, and digging in for some serious blogging. I’m in the middle of doing some HUGE upgrades to right now…. please hang on while I get the last of the finishing touches together. You’ll find busted links, broken images, and all sorts of clutter around here for the next two weeks. In order to rebuild into the site it needs to be, I have to manhandle WordPress into submission and completely retrofit my old content from Roatan into this new vision. But trust me, it will be worth it.

It’s gonna get crazy…

I know this site has been quiet for a bit. I’ve been busy recovering from a body surfing wipe-out and programming like mad to get a few web contracts wrapped up. WordPress, the blogging platform used to power and my other sites, recently released some big changes in version 3.0. I’ve been hacking through the code for the last two months for another project and have grown quite fond of some of its hidden features. The WordPress open source code base is still definitely a “point-oh” (lots of undocumented code and some sloppy implementation in parts), but wow— definitely some big improvements! I’m going to be porting to my newest engine based on WordPress 3.0 over the next » read more «