The Death of Nationalism

Preface: This article stems from an political discussion I was having with four buddies via email while on my brief sojourn to the States. It was never intended to be published on my website, but upon further review I believe that it adequately introduces one of my most passionate and controversial beliefs: the death of nationalism. If you disagree with the content, that’s cool, I won’t take it personally. After all, an opinion is like a butt: everyone has one, and most stink. Of Rights, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Let me accentuate the beauty of this discussion: we are four (now five) people capable of arguing the goods and bads of American government is evidence that our individual » read more «

Sobriety Strikes Roatan

For the first time in two years, Roatan has sobered up. As opposed to the time-honored tradition in America of getting absolutely blitzkrieged on booze whilst enduring the endless onslaught of CNN poll results on Election Day, Honduras prohibits all alcohol sales over election weekends. Given the volatile mix of machetes and machismo that permeates Honduran culture, the separation of Booze and State is probably a good idea. Between the irate Mainlanders barricading the rain-soaked streets and the Gringos drowning their frustrations while “trapped” in the bars, the continued sale of alcohol during the RECO protests earlier this month fueled island tensions to a stupid level. The game of politics is already mankind at our lowest; better to leave alcohol » read more «

Have a Happy Depression!

Dear America, You deserve this depression. It’s incredible. A year ago I was listening to Dr. Ron Paul warn us of imminent economic collapse brought upon by our credit-based system and the Federal Reserve. I agreed with him, but I didn’t think that the collapse would come as fast as it has. And now they’re asking us, the TAXPAYERS, to foot the bill for their retarded actions? No freakin’ way! Source: King George came into office with promises of reduced government and limited overseas action. At the end of his two terms, he has embroiled us in two wars (with more in the making– look at the emerging union of Russia-Iran-Venezuela and we SHOULD be scared!) and, worst of » read more «