Frogfish and Current

Dive No.: 1991 Dive Site: Papio Point, Oahu, Hawaii Max Depth: 44ft/13m Total Time: 30 mins Air: 200bar – 130 bar Mix: EANx36 Tank: 80cu Weight: 8lbs Visibility: 100ft/30m Water: 73F/23C Exposure: Rash Guard, 5mm full wet suit, 3mm skull cap Comments: Beautiful shallow reef packed with huge schools of goatfish stretched out like yellow ribbons between the coral heads. Several small eels, two scorpionfish, three brightly colored nudibranchs, and one well-disguised frogfish rounded out the dive. I wish I could have spent more time diving this spot, but when customers are paying I have a obligation to get them back to the boat with plenty of air in their tanks. Dive No.: 1992 Dive Site: Keily’s Choice, Oahu, Hawaii » read more «