My Divelog #1963-1964

Dive No.: 1963 Dive Site: Black Hills, Utila Max Depth: 108ft Total Time: 58mins Profile: 8mins@110ft, 10mins @ 80ft, 15mins@50ft, 15mins @40ft, 7mins @ 35ft, 3mins @ 15ft Air: 2900psi – 1200psi Mix: air Tank: 12L/80cu Comments: My first dive on Utila! Black Hills is a lovely sea mound adorned in brilliant sponges and massive soft corals. Following a spiral profile typical of most pinnacle dives, I spotted a free-swimming green moray eel, schools of horse eye jacks and atlantic spadefish, a dozen flamingo tongues, a pea (juvenile smooth trunkfish), two large lettuce sea slugs, and three hawskbill turtles. Definitely one of the best dives in the Bay Islands! Dive Site: Aquarium, Utila Max Depth: 40ft Total Time: 60mins Profile: » read more «