BP Oil Spill vs. The World

As the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico grows ever more catastrophic, it can be hard to truly grasp the scope of this disaster amidst all the rapidly changing numbers and apocalyptic predictions. It wasn’t until I visited If It Was My Home – Visualizing the BP Oil Spill (http://www.ifitwasmyhome.com/) that I could get my head around the mind-blowing size of the spill.

Danger: Exploding Heads

Warning: this may be you.

For example, this is the size of the spill compared to my current residence on the island of Oahu in Hawaii:

BP Oil Spill compared to Kailua, HI

Try to imagine that entire area covered in an oily sludge….

Pelican covered in oil from BP spill

...like this poor guy here.

I’ve included more screenshots comparing the oil spill to other places around the world.

Be sure to visit http://www.ifitwasmyhome.com to track the spread of the spill.

BP oil spill relative to Mooresville, NC USA

Mooresville, my old home in North Carolina

BP oil spill relative to Roatan, Honduras

My home in the Caribbean: Roatan, Honduras

BP oil spill relative to New York, NY USA

New York's never been slimier. The same can't be said for New Jersey.

BP oil spill relative to Chicago, IL USA

The slipperiest thing to hit the Windy City since Ron Blagovich

BP oil spill relative to San Francisco, CA USA
BP oil spill relative to Tokyo, Japan

That's 13 million people covered in oil.

BP oil spill relative to London, UK

The fish and chips are extra oily today.

BP oil spill relative to Jerusalem, Israel

Problems with oil in the Middle East? No way...

BP oil spill relative to Cape Town, South Africa

And you thought the last World Cup had a slimey ending...

Oil in the wave break

Surf's up

2 Responses to “BP Oil Spill vs. The World”

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    “There is so much oil now in the Gulf of Mexico, and you can thank the folks of British Petroleum for this, so much oil in the Gulf, you can now park on it.” –David Letterman

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    This is definitely a serious issue that should be acted upon. I hope government officials will support in funding the projects to be taken in cleaning the gulf.

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