Photos from Matt’s Wet Spot

I had an absolutely AMAZING dive today at Matt’s Wet Spot in Flower’s Bay. I’ll write more about it later, but for now I wanted to share these photographs, include two (blurry) ones of our up-close encounter with an eight foot hammerhead shark!! Enjoy!

Photos of Deep Sea Animals

Here are some photos taken from Karl Stanley’s submarine Idabel during my third deep sea submarine expedition this past week. We maxed out at 1300ft and spent 3.5 hours cruising down Lophelia Reef, an amazing ecosystem of lophelia corals, white sponges, squat lobsters, pompom anemones, cat sharks, and sea lillies adorning house-sized boulders of fossilized coral and basalt. The submarine is the hardest shooting environment I’ve encountered— low light, movement (both the sub and the animals), distorted perspective (the submarine’s convex viewport messes with depth perception), and cramped environment. On this expedition I mostly shot video (currently being editing), but several my still photos turned out decent. Lia, I have no idea how you did it. I guess talent helps. » read more «

I filmed the world’s oldest animal

According to this article on Deep-Sea News, I unknowingly filmed the world’s oldest animal a year ago. Sweeping silently along the silty slopes 1400ft under the Caribbean Sea off Roatan, Honduras, Karl Stanley piloted his deep diving submarine Idabel upon a writhing mass of brittle stars entangled around the brilliant golden lattice of gold coral. My meager five megapixel camera did its best to capture the alien bundle of deep sea life, oblivious to the fact that the gold coral I was filming is over 2000 years old. Turn down the audio… I never edited this video, so the white noise of the submarine is a bit blown out. Read more about the amazingly ancient gold corals at Deep-Sea News…