My Resume

Steven R. Craig, Jr.

West End, Roatan, Honduras • • (504) 8871-7516

Professional Profile
  • Goal-driven, efficient problem-solver who develops creative solutions
  • Articulate communicator and team player with significant international work experience
  • Motivated self-starter capable of rapidly acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Determined achiever who saves time, engenders enthusiasm, and produces quality results
Professional Computer Programming Experience
PHP, mySQL, C/C++, Java, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML
Development APIs:
WordPress, Google Maps, Win MFC, OpenGL
Design Software:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office Suite
Operating Systems:
Mac OS X, Windows XP
Freelance Website Developer and Graphic Designer
Roatan, Honduras – April 2006 to present

  • Initiated start-up freelance website developer business catering to Roatan’s tourism industry
  • Negotiated contracts with local business in the diving industry and other sectors
  • Programmed dynamic site content in PHP and HTML via mySQL databases
  • Created secure LAMP web application to facilitate customer-based site management
  • Developed custom website layouts using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and CSS
  • Worked extensively with Google Map Javascript API and WordPress PHP API
  • Designed high-quality business cards, flyers, and other print media in Adobe Photoshop
  • Managed Google Adwords and Analytics accounts
  • Generated thousands of dollars in online sales for local businesses
  • Aggressively promoted Roatan tourism online to counter the Global Recession of 2008 and the Honduran Coup d’Etat of 2009

Networking Tools and GUI Programmer
Icarus Studios – Cary, North Carolina, USA
August 2006 to November 2007

  • Created multithreaded network monitoring and administrative tool for Massively Multiplayer Online video game engine
  • Designed graphical user interfaces using in-house C++ graphics API based on Windows MFC
  • Monitored real-time network traffic and servers for live Massively Multiplayer Online video game
  • Implemented visualizations for mySQL-based data mining allowing system administrators to view player demographics, distributions, and behaviors in real-time
  • Designed dynamic, reusable widgets such as bar graphs, histograms, and 3D graphs for real-time network data visualization
  • Modified in-house graphics API for improved efficiency and more robust functionality
  • Constructed unique icons, buttons, and widgets using Adobe Photoshop and in-house design tools
  • Integrated scalable memory management via real-time data resampling to enable system monitoring tool to render over a year’s worth of data down to per-second resolutions
  • Assembled customizable debugging test suite for stress-testing game account login servers
  • Tested game mechanics for errors and submitted bug reports
Professional Scuba Diving Experience
PADI IDC Staff Instructor #192964 – approx. 2000 logged dives

  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor since February 2009
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer since January 2005
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor since September 2004
  • PADI Divemaster since August 2004
  • Emergency First Response Instructor since October 2004
  • Specialty Instructor:
    Enriched Air Nitrox Diver • Wreck Diver • Deep Diver •
    Underwater Navigator • Search & Recovery Diver • Drift Diver • Night Diver
    Dive Experience:
    Cozumel, Mexico • Grand Cayman • Florida, USA • North Carolina, USA • Perhentian Islands, Malaysia • Falmouth, England • British Virgin Islands • Roatan, Honduras • Utila, Honduras
    Scuba Diving Instructor and Divemaster
    Coconut Tree DiversWest End, Roatan, Honduras
    Feb 2005 to April 2006, Nov 2007 to Aug 2009

    • Certified recreational divers from PADI Open Water Diver up to Rescue Diver
    • Trained PADI Divemasters through an intensive six-week internship program
    • Personally certified over forty PADI Rescue Divers
    • Increased shop sales through website marketing to account for up to 70% of total business sales
    • Designed graphics and layouts for print media, including banners, posters, and flyers
    • Wrote print copy for dive shop promotional material
    • Assisted with shop maintenance and management
    • Led certified recreational divers on fun dives
    Academic Background:
    Masters of Computer Science
    NC State University
    Raleigh, NC USA – Aug 2003 to May 2004
    Masters Project: “Evolutionarily Stable Strategies for Dynamic Narrative”

    • Applied mathematical game theory toward generating cohesive dynamic narratives in video games
    • Researched human-computer interaction in MMOs and single-player “sandbox” games
    • Modeled user interaction with game environment as evolutionarily stable strategy sets
    • Created schema for dynamic narratives based on strategy accommodation
    • Evaluated user interaction for narrative accommodation via strategy set convergence
    • Utilized pre-scripted perturbed equilibrium tactics for cohesive narrative transitions despite non-accommodating user interaction

    Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
    NC State University – Raleigh, NC USA – Sept 2000 to Aug 2003
    Senior Design Project: “Particle Collision Detection in 3D Environments”

    • Programmed 3D miniature golf video game in Visual C++ using OpenGL graphics API
    • Developed particle physics engine for modeling ball movement and emitted particles
    • Implemented collision detection for static and dynamic objects
    • Built simple import tool for 3DS Max static objects
    • Created dynamic lighting model for bump-mapped textures
    • Included modifiable files for creating customized golf courses
    Areas of Research:
    Human-Computer Interaction • Advanced Graphics • E-commerce • Object-Oriented Systems • Algorithm Analysis • Artificial Intelligence • Cognitive Psychology • Game Design • Liquid Narrative • Data Mining
    3.987/4.0 Overall GPA • Summa Cum Laude • Dean’s List (all semesters) • Park Scholarship (highest academic award at NCSU)
    Personal Information
    Date of Birth:
    16 April 1982
    Marital Status:
    Scuba Diving • Swimming • Cooking • Free Diving • Creative Writing • Video Games • Graphic Design •Traveling
    International Travels:
    Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Honduras