Elephant Surfing in Sauraha, Nepal

Elephant Breeding Center in Sauraha, Nepal from thescubageek on Vimeo.

What’s the best way to beat the jungle heat in Sauraha, Nepal? By splashing around in the river with a bunch of elephants, of course!

Join Autumn (FatGirlDoesTheWorld.com), Angie, and me as we go to the Elephant Breeding Center at Chitwan National Park for a fun-filled day of baby elephants, swimming elephants, elephant feeding, elephant surfing, elephants in the road, elephant bathing, naughty elephants, and even more elephants!

For more information about Sauraha’s amazing Elephant Breeding Center or our jungle trek through Royal Chitwan National Park’s wildlife sanctuary, please check out FatGirlDoesTheWorld.com

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