Scuba Diving Spooky Channel in Roatan, Honduras

Eons ago during the last Ice Age, an ancient waterfall cut a massive gorge through the very foundations of the island of Roatan. Millennia later, the ten-storey canyon at Spooky Channel rests just under the ocean surface, inviting Advanced Open Water Divers to shine their torches into this monolithic marvel. You begin the dive in murky green shallows of the Sandy Bay lagoon. The eerie visibility for which this site earns its “spooky” status will gradually engulf you as you follow the rocky bottom deeper into the grotto. You’ll feel almost overwhelmed as the channel walls slowly rise and close in from both sides. At 12m/40ft, you’ll plunge through a large dark hole leading straight down.* The sun is quickly » read more «

Lighthouse Reef Deep

Dive No.: 1966 Dive Site: Lighthouse Reef and Moonlight Reef Max Depth: 130ft/40m Total Time: 53mins Profile: 6mins @ 130ft, 8mins @110ft, 4mins @90ft, 4mins @70ft, 4mins @50ft, 12mins @35ft, 14mins @20ft, 5mins @ 15ft Air: 200bar – 80 bar Mix: air Tank: 12L/80cu Weight: 6lbs Visibility: 50-130ft/15-40m Water: 88F/31C surface, 84F/29C bottom Exposure: Rash Guard Comments: Beautiful deep drift along the bottom of Lighthouse Reef wall. Noticeable thermocline at 40ft; water in top layer was turbid with a moderate current running north, while water in bottom layer was extremely clear with a mild current running north. Sandy sloped bottom starts at 90ft and drops into the abyss, brightly illuminating the deep wall with reflected sunlight. Several oceanic triggerfish and » read more «

All Quiet on the West End Front

Welcome back to surreality! This is just a quick update to explain my lack of updates over the last week. It’s not that I haven’t had material to write about. I have, and that is the problem. For those eager for the next update in the adventures of TheScubaGeek, I offer this list of events in my life. Each of these items warrants a proper follow-up article (and I swear I’ll get them done), but for now, this is the best I can manage at 1am on Honduran highspeed…. Pete found a juvenile lionfish at 38ft near Dixie’s Place. We captured the bugger and brought him to the surface, where he survived for three days on a diet of rum » read more «

Emergencies are never convenient

My wetsuit is at waist-level as I hear the cries for help. Darting across the dirt road towards Half Moon Bay beach, I scan the dock, the beach, and the water for the source of the shouts of distress. A handful of people stand on the dock, pointing excitedly at two figures struggling on the surface some two hundred meters offshore, their bodies bobbing in and out of sight amidst the rolling waves. My coworkers are charging down the dock. This is the real deal. I’ve been here before. With forty-seven PADI Rescue Diver certifications under my belt, I’ve simulated this situation at least as many times, but the level-headedness with which I execute my training scenarios is quickly usurped » read more «