All Quiet on the West End Front

Welcome back to surreality!

This is just a quick update to explain my lack of updates over the last week. It’s not that I haven’t had material to write about. I have, and that is the problem. For those eager for the next update in the adventures of TheScubaGeek, I offer this list of events in my life. Each of these items warrants a proper follow-up article (and I swear I’ll get them done), but for now, this is the best I can manage at 1am on Honduran highspeed….

  • Pete found a juvenile lionfish at 38ft near Dixie’s Place. We captured the bugger and brought him to the surface, where he survived for three days on a diet of rum and Funions.
  • A poisoned dog dropped dead on the Coconut Tree Divers dock. Submarine Karl said he didn’t need the carcass to feed the six-gill sharks, so we took Lassie for her last walk… rope, cinderblock, boat, and abyss.
  • I was dive-bombed by an eight-foot manta ray in an incredibly rare encounter with the living leviathan (my first on Roatan). My Open Water students (on only their second dive!) have no idea how spoiled they are…
  • I crossed paths with an enormous loggerhead turtle at 50ft on White Hole. It had approximately a four foot carapace and a wicked prehistoric tail.
  • And last but not least,

  • I spent three and a half hours in Karl Stanley’s submarine Idabel shooting video of the crazy inhabitants of the deep sea. This expedition (my third with Karl) certainly deserves its own article… how else can I descibe the mindblowing experience of cruising 1300ft underwater in a homemade submarine. Story, pictures, and movies coming soon……..

Right, more updates coming when my eyes can focus… until then…

I love my life!!!

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