Best beach bar on Roatan (and the world)

The following is a review I wrote for TripAdvisor about Sundowners Beach Bar in West End, Roatan: When you think of the idyllic Caribbean beach bar, you’re thinking of Sundowners. There’s nothing quite like Sundowners. THE watering hole for West End, this is where town’s eclectic mix of tourists, dive instructors, locals, expats, and street dogs come together to toast the sunset with a cold beer or a glass of rum and pineapple.’ It’s called Sundowners for a reason: located directly on the white sands of Half Moon Bay, this site is privy to exquisite sunsets for most of the year. The popularity of sunset-watching is only eclipsed by the weekly game of “Chase the Ace,” where every Wednesday each » read more «

Sundowner’s Beach Bar goes live

Sundowner’s Beach Bar has a new website! Given that I spend way too much time sipping rum and pineapples at Sundowner’s, it’s more like I’ve paid them to build their site. Oh well… cheers! Check out the cold drinks, hot food, and great times at

Start Your Party at Sundowner’s Beach Bar

Jenna, I’m going out on the town tonight. Hey, it’s Friday in West End. As as a Coconut Tree Dive Instructor, it’s my professional duty to fraternize with the customers. After all, “I’m only going for one.” Call it Rumdowners, Sunny D’s, whatever… Sundowners Beach Bar is always the first stop along the “West End Drift Dive”.

Congrats AKR Kevin!

The debaucherous tradition of Chase the Ace at West End’s Sundowners Bar & Grill came to a fitting conclusion tonight when Keven from Anthony’s Key Resort drew the winning Ace of Spades from the three remaining cards to win over $1000 from the total pot. As sad as it is to see this weekly gathering of local drunks come to its end, at least we are satisfied in knowing that it was one of us— the few, the proud, the intoxicated— who took home the prize. I’ve started back part-time at Coconut Tree, partially because the cost of designing is slowly making me broke, partially because my lovely girlfriend comes here in just over a month, and mostly because » read more «