Start Your Party at Sundowner’s Beach Bar

Jenna, I’m going out on the town tonight.

Hey, it’s Friday in West End. As as a Coconut Tree Dive Instructor, it’s my professional duty to fraternize with the customers. After all, “I’m only going for one.”

Call it Rumdowners, Sunny D’s, whatever… Sundowners Beach Bar is always the first stop along the “West End Drift Dive”.

Sunset over Half Moon Bay

As the setting sun casts an rippling cascade of colors over Half Moon Bay, the glasses are filled with ice, piña, and copious amounts of Flor de Caña rum, cheers are raised, and the night begins.

Fire Dancing

Huddled by a blazing bonfire on the beach under a Venusian glow, plans of impending ridiculousness unfurl amidst frequent bursts of laughter.

French fry chicken nachos will be the grub of choice. Sounds a bit disgusting, but in a deliciously bar food sorta way it’s actually better than most of the overpriced dishes served at nearby restaurants.

[but more on that next week]

I know the Cult of Coconut will get their grubby mitts all over my fries, but hey, when you dive with Coconut Tree Divers, you’re family— including all the times your siblings swiped food from your plate.

BTW: Happy 24th Birthday, Christie!

I’d love to blog more, but the party is getting started. Time to get a refill and get this night started.

Three cheers for rum!

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