Welcome to the jungle

I’m trying to not drip puss all over my shiny new MacBook.

Last week I was bit by a spider. I don’t know what type of spider. If I knew what type of spider bit me, I wouldn’t have let it crawl on my neck in the first place. I just woke up with two lovely incision marks near my left jugular.

In lieu of developing spidey-sense, I got a fever. I can’t sling webs from my wrist nor swoop in unexpectedly on bad guys. I can, however, ooze puss, spread Staph, and sit around looking decidedly unheroic. I can’t even climb into my superhero suit (the wet variety) for the next three days. Aside from a woman named Mary Jane, Peter Parker and I don’t have much in common.

Welcome to the jungle

So I’ve been away from the blogsphere for the last three weeks. A quick update of my life on Roatan is in order. Highlights during this time period include:

  • Having my computer battery fry, my 3G adapter go haywire, and my Dell catch a healthy set of viruses— hence my break from the online world. What can I say? Technology hates me. Thankfully all of these issues have since been fixed. Oh, and thanks to Dell’s quality tech support, I’m now a Mac user.
  • Going out with DSAT Tec Deep Instructor Monty Graham on a Discover Tec Diving experience. It was my first time donning doubles, routing the long hose, and strapping a stage bottle under each arm. Surprisingly, I found achieving neutral buoyancy in this bukly rig to be far easier than I expected. Getting familiar with the standard rig configuration will take some more practice, but this introduction to tec diving served its purpose— I want more.
  • Finishing my PADI IDC Staff Instructor course with PADI Course Director Will Welbourn. I’ve been planning on doing my IDC Staff since November 2006, but unfortunately in the past my plans have been delayed. It was a long time coming, but I’m glad to finally be one step closer to my PADI Master Instructor rating.
  • Doing some amazing diving with underwater photographer Vivian Weber-Pagel and using her incredible macro photographer to design a new set of print media for Coconut Tree Divers. I’ve been diving the Roatan reef for over four years, and I still have no idea how she manages to photograph these minuscule critters. It truly is The Little Things That Count.
  • Getting to dive with my parents again :-)

Time for more antibiotics… f’in spiders…

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