Jumping Off a Waterfall in Laos

So here I am on the Bolevan Plateau in Laos, where upon arriving at this waterfall the locals immediately offered me a cold cup full of Beerlao. The second thing the grinning, laughing Lao kids did was convince me to crawl up the slimy rocks of this 8m/25ft waterfall. After watch a few of them leap safely into the chocolate waters below, I finally decided to take the leap of faith!

Boneyard Hop Venom Double IPA

You must try the Boneyard Hop Venom Double IPA! No hyperbole: best Double IPA I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. How good is it? Good enough to make me immediately crack open the laptop and start hacking out this post— I just had to tell the world about this beer! The first sip starts with this incredibly smooth yet deliciously bitter burst of citrus and pine which gradually tapers off into a earthy toffee-flavored sensation. This 80 IBU beer may be be 10% ABV, but the flavor masks the high alcohol content so well I could easily mistaken this beer for something lighter. The malty aftertaste settles in gently, leaving just the slightest hint of booze in the mouth.


Thankfully, the ‘massive’ tsunami that was supposed to slam the Hawaiian Islands following the 8.8 earthquake in Chile never materialized. It was quite a scare getting roused out of bed by blaring alarms and scrambling to find a bus to my friend’s house on a hill overlooking Honolulu. Once there, however, it turned out to be a pristine Hawaiian day with no problems. We cracked beers on the roof top, watched the mass exodus of hundreds of boats from Honolulu harbors into the open ocean, and then watched them all return when the big wave never came. Ahh, barbecue, booze, and friends… that’s what natural disasters are all about!

Cayos Cochinos trip

Just a few shots from my recent trip with Coconut Tree Divers to Cayos Cochinos. Be jealous. Our private party island. Beer frisbee rocks! Nothing like flicking disc in paradise.