Congrats AKR Kevin!

The debaucherous tradition of Chase the Ace at West End’s Sundowners Bar & Grill came to a fitting conclusion tonight when Keven from Anthony’s Key Resort drew the winning Ace of Spades from the three remaining cards to win over $1000 from the total pot. As sad as it is to see this weekly gathering of local drunks come to its end, at least we are satisfied in knowing that it was one of us— the few, the proud, the intoxicated— who took home the prize.

I’ve started back part-time at Coconut Tree, partially because the cost of designing is slowly making me broke, partially because my lovely girlfriend comes here in just over a month, and mostly because I’m bored of writing code every freaking day.

In a crazy twist of irony, two Kazakhstani divers showed up for their Open Water course just because I listed “Chucky,” Coconut Tree Diver’s rescue dummy mascot, on the website as being from their home country. Honestly, I never expected to meet two Kazakhstanis as a result of this little Borat-related joke, but they’ve been great divers as we’ve had a great laugh about the situation.

Diving has been weird. The top layer is running at 88F, though at 40ft it drops off to 84F. Around 100ft or so the temperature drops again to 81F. Thick thermoclines run along each of these layers. With such a drastic temperature gradient, the currents have been running wild. Yesterday I drifted from Moonlight Reef to nearly Grape Escape, a distance of at least a mile, in less than 35 minutes. It was one helluva rollercoaster, to say the least.

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