Great dining at Junior’s

I know the little restaurant over Coconut Tree Divers very often gets overlooked in the evening hours, but if you were to pay attention over the last month you may have noticed Vincent Bush Jr. hard at work over the giant smoker in front. While I’ve had the odd samples of his food and certainly have enjoyed his “quick eat” lunches of fajitas and hamburgers, I never really had a chance to appreciate his cooking until tonight.

I stopped in for just one quick Salva Vida, but fortunately (I can’t believe I’m saying this) RECO cut out just as I was about to leave. I certainly didn’t want to sit at home in the dark and make baleadas over the propane stove, so I decided to stick around and give Junior’s delicious-smelling grub. I was well rewarded.

The salad of delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, cantalope, and lettuce, all covered in a sweet papaya-based dressing, was quickly devoured. The main meal came with smooth-whipped mashed potatoes, coconut rice and red beans, and fresh-cut steamed vegetables. As tasty as these sides were, it was the bacon-wrapped steak fillet marinated in a sweet sauce, slow-cooked over the smoker, and served with a perfectly complimentary red wine reduction. To top it off, Junior served us some of his hand-crafted flan topped with Kahlua.

At a time when I’ve been growing increasingly sick of West End’s food (no offense, Shark Cave— you have fantastic pizza, but not after the umpteenth consecutive night), to taste something as refreshingly delicious as Junior’s meal reinvigorated my taste buds. Furthermore, Junior put such genuine passion in his cooking, constantly asking me for suggestions and improvements, that I know that the dining experience will continue to improve.

If you haven’t tried a nice meal out at Junior’s above Coconut Tree Divers in West End, give it a shot!

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