TheScubaGeek Reloaded

Wow. It’s been a while. And by a while, I mean a┬áreally long time. But here I go again, blowing the dust off the keyboard, cracking my knuckles, and digging in for some serious blogging. I’m in the middle of doing some HUGE upgrades to right now…. please hang on while I get the last of the finishing touches together. You’ll find busted links, broken images, and all sorts of clutter around here for the next two weeks. In order to rebuild into the site it needs to be, I have to manhandle WordPress into submission and completely retrofit my old content from Roatan into this new vision. But trust me, it will be worth it.

It’s gonna get crazy…

I know this site has been quiet for a bit. I’ve been busy recovering from a body surfing wipe-out and programming like mad to get a few web contracts wrapped up. WordPress, the blogging platform used to power and my other sites, recently released some big changes in version 3.0. I’ve been hacking through the code for the last two months for another project and have grown quite fond of some of its hidden features. The WordPress open source code base is still definitely a “point-oh” (lots of undocumented code and some sloppy implementation in parts), but wow— definitely some big improvements! I’m going to be porting to my newest engine based on WordPress 3.0 over the next » read more «

Lia Barrett Photography goes live

The phenomenal underwater and travel photography of Lia Barrett now has a new home on the web at Lia and I go back a few years when I was a scuba diving instructor at Coconut Tree Divers on the island of Roatan, Honduras. When I first met her, she was helping film the hilariously disastrous Roatan Movie— the making which was infinitely funnier than the final result. We later collaborated on photo shoots for a few web projects around the island. Lia probably holds the world record for most time spent inside a homemade submarine (not including Karl Stanley and Barry, of course). For theses images, she was crouched for hours in a tiny spherical dome. She had to » read more «

The internet’s undersea world

Click here to see the full-resolution map of the the undersea internet cables Related article: 5 Reasons The Internet Could Die At Any Moment