Lighthouse Reef Deep

Dive No.: 1966
Dive Site: Lighthouse Reef and Moonlight Reef
Max Depth: 130ft/40m
Total Time: 53mins
Profile: 6mins @ 130ft, 8mins @110ft, 4mins @90ft, 4mins @70ft, 4mins @50ft, 12mins @35ft, 14mins @20ft, 5mins @ 15ft

Air: 200bar – 80 bar
Mix: air
Tank: 12L/80cu
Weight: 6lbs

Visibility: 50-130ft/15-40m
Water: 88F/31C surface, 84F/29C bottom
Exposure: Rash Guard


Beautiful deep drift along the bottom of Lighthouse Reef wall. Noticeable thermocline at 40ft; water in top layer was turbid with a moderate current running north, while water in bottom layer was extremely clear with a mild current running north. Sandy sloped bottom starts at 90ft and drops into the abyss, brightly illuminating the deep wall with reflected sunlight. Several oceanic triggerfish and a free-swimming scorpionfish spotted along the wall.

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