Reader’s Favorite Kraken Rum Recipes

It’s no surprise to me that one of my most popular articles on this site is this little love letter to Kraken rum. From the very first time the Kraken wrapped its tentacles around me in Hawaii, I’ve loved the unique flavor of this sweet dark rum. With its stylish logo and smooth marketing campaign, Kraken rum has apparently amassed quite a cult following.

Here’s some of my favorite reader-recommended Kraken drinks…

#1 on Google for Ron y Piña

Yaaaay, I’m #1! My buddy Deshman sent me an email this morning pointing out that I was #1 on Google searches for Ron y Piña. I’ll drink to that.

Kraken Drinks

It should come as no surprise to my readers that I love rum. Burbons I hate; tequila makes me loco; vodka reminds me too much of college hangovers; gin can be refreshing; but rum— ah, rum!— the primero choice of scuba divers and pirates alike. As I’ve mentioned before, The Kraken is my new favorite rum (at least since I can’t get my hands on the nectar that is Flor de Caña in Hawaii). I love a nice glass of this delicious dark spiced rum on the rocks, but  my liver does object to consuming such a stout drink on a routine basis. As such, I’ve tried blending The Kraken with a variety of diluents with mixed results. Kraken and » read more «

Release The Kraken!

When I left Roatan in October 2009, one of my biggest worries was that I would never get to taste a rum as fine as Flor de Caña again. This sweet Nicaraguan nectar that had graced many a rum and pineapples during my five year Caribbean tenture was a thing to be treasured. The liter that I brought back to the States with me lasted a mere week, and, with the exception of one truly exceptional night in which Lia Barrett and I shared a spectaclar bottle of Flor de Caña Centenario 21, I was never to taste her again. I tried to compensate for my loss with various other substitutions. Sailor Jerry’s remained my favorite of the commercially available » read more «