My Divelog #1959-1962

Dive No.: 1959
Dive Site: Spooky Channel to White Hole
Max Depth: 92ft
Total Time: 68mins
Profile: 5mins@50ft, 10mins @ 90ft, 30mins@70ft, 20mins @40ft, 3mins @ 15ft
Air: 210bar – 80bar
Mix: EANx31
Tank: 12L/80cu

Dive No.: 1960
Dive Site: White Hole to Bear’s Den
Max Depth: 70ft
Total Time: 54mins
Profile: 22mins @ 70ft, 29mins @30ft, 3 mins @ 15ft
Air: 220bar – 130bar
Mix: air
Tank: 12L/80cu

Dive No.: 1961
Dive Site: Pirate’s Cove
Max Depth: 110ft
Total Time: 84mins
Profile: 16mins @ 110ft, 15mins @ 80ft, 25mins @ 60ft, 25mins @ 40ft, 3 mins @ 15ft
Air: 210bar – 60bar
Mix: air
Tank: 12L/80cu

Dive No.: 1962
Dive Site: West End Wall
Max Depth: 130ft
Total Time: 51mins
Profile: 8mins @ 130ft, 27mins @ 60ft, 4mins @ 40ft, 6mins @ 30ft, 3 mins @ 20ft, 3 mins @ 15ft
Air: 210bar – 120bar
Mix: air
Tank: 12L/80cu

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