Freediving at Electric Beach, Oahu

Free diving at Electric Beach, Oahu from thescubageek on Vimeo. A day of free diving in around the thermal exhaust vents at Electric Beach, Oahu. Fish and turtles love to congregate in the warm water pumping from the pipes. Strong swimmers can free dive into the exhaust stream and rocket hundreds of feet out to sea. Weeeeeeee!

Sea Cave

Dive No.: 1995 Dive Site: Sea Cave, Oahu, Hawaii Max Depth: 74ft/22m Total Time: 38 mins Air: 200bar – 120 bar Mix: EANx32 Tank: 80cu Weight: 8lbs Visibility: 100ft/30m Water: 75F/234 Exposure: rash guard, 5mm full wet suit (busted zipper), 3mm shorty, 3mm skull cap Comments: Great group of divers: all advanced, independent, and totally stoked for a great dive. Good thing Roger and I delivered! The sea cave is an impressive sight both above and below the waters. Plunging into the crystal-clear waters, we swam under the arch leading into the cave at 50ft/15m. Schools of yellow tangs swarmed the entrance. A lone turtle, startled by our presence, calmly left her hiding spot inside the cave. The back of » read more «