2010 Roatan Marine Park Photo Contest

Turtle Crossing (1hr 6mins @ 102ft)

Dive Site: Turtle Crossing Bottom Time: 1 hour, 6 minutes Max Depth: 102ft (34m) Visibility: 40ft (12m) in the shallows, 70ft (21m) at depth Air Consumption: 210bar – 90 bar After spending the morning in jail with Dan, I decided that a peaceful dive was much-needed. I did a modified solo dive (solo dive plan, but around a group a most times) focusing on my buoyancy control. I started in 20ft (6m) of water fine-tuning my body position relative to my breathing cycle based on Marc Cruciani’s Pivot Point Theory: that, because our body pivots on a fulcrum between our center of gravity (our weights) and our center of buoyancy (our lungs), our buoyancy is optimized when these two centers » read more «