Hawaiian Monk Seal!!!

Dive No.: 1996 Dive Site: China Walls, Oahu, Hawaii Max Depth: 51ft/15m Total Time: 45 mins Air: 200bar – 130 bar Mix: EANx36 Tank: 80cu Weight: 8lbs Visibility: 130ft/40m Water: 75F/24C Exposure: rash guard, 5mm full wet suit (busted zipper), 3mm shorty, 3mm skull cap Comments: Easily one of the top ten diving experiences in my life—and I have nearly 2000 dives! The gentle current from the previous dive had picked up quite a bit. As descended down the gradual slope of the urchin-covered volcanic stone wall, it was evident that we were in for one heck of a ride. A trio of chill turtles was the first to greet us. They hung with the group for a while, cruising » read more «