Roatan’s Sign of the Apocalypse

While on an island tour doing research for National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel blog, I stopped by the brand new Roatan MegaPlaza mall in French Harbor and saw this sign plastered outside the new Wendy’s (yes, Roatan now has a Wendy’s):

Baleadas at Roatan's Wendy's

How far will globalization go? Baleadas at Wendy’s? Surely the Apocalypse is upon us……..

2 Responses to “Roatan’s Sign of the Apocalypse”

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    uh, i tried them once in tegus, those baleadas are horrible!

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    Just visited Roatan via a cruise. We rented a car and drove around to check out the island, as soon as a herd of cows ran across us in the road we came up on the Wendy’s. We couldn’t believe it, a Wendy’s this far from the states, what a huge contrast from what we had seen earlier in the day. Beautiful island though.

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