Coconut Tree Carnival for Kids

The sweat runs down my brow in small torrents, cascading over my recently-shaved head and obscuring my vision with the tingle of salt that no rapid eye-blinking can remedy. I am poised: arms flexed, balance sturdy, legs braced, steady breathing. My opponent, despite being both fourteen inches and years my inferior, is equally prepared.

The bell rings. My arms pump in rapid yet rhythmic alternation, delivering haymakers and uppercuts to the facial region of my foe. He ducks, weaves, and wallops a low kidney-shot to my torso, simultaneously crumbling my defenses and body with a single emphatic blow. I twitch on the ground in agony. Despite the fervent shaking of my arms, I remain unconscious on the floor. The time ticks away—eight, nine, ten—and it’s finished. I’ve lost.

And yet another fourth grader has kicked my butt at Wii Boxing.

Tonight was the Coconut Tree Carnival for the Kids, a fundraiser supporting the SOL International Foundation. Whether it be ring tosses, football throws, darts and balloons, coconut throws, or the aforementioned Wii Boxing, games abounded as kids of all ages turned out to win prizes of candy and inflatable baseball bats. Hot dogs off the grill and freshly-popped popcorn rounded the carnival affair.

And fun was indeed had by all ages.

Personally, I lost 100 lempiras in challenging a fourteen-year-old in a stupid parlor trip— and yes, I must admit to being outsmarted (or at least out-shenaniganned). Then I lost successive rounds in Wii Boxing to kids half my age and a third my body-weight. Hey, it’s for the kids, eh?

(I truly am a few years away from being obsolete. A three-year-old— yes, three years of age— corrected me on how to unpause the Wii Sports menu. I might as well retire now while I’m still ahead.)

At the end of the day, the Coconut Tree Carnival was a rousing success. It was such a genuine pleasure to see kids of all social background playing together in lighthearted competition. I am proud of our contribution to the local community and particularly SOL International Foundation— Dave and Brandon, you guys are doing a fantastic job with these children!

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