Sunset Curfew Imposed

Feces, meet fan.

West End police have imposed a curfew and barracaded the intersection in order to promote the public peace during this night of political upheaval. Though grossly inconvenient for West End business, the move is justifiable given the recent turn of events on the Honduran mainland. Police patrols are currently strolling the streets, blaring messages to “stay in your homes” over their crackly loudspeakers.

Ousted Honduran President Mel Zelaya’s attempts to land in Tegucigalpa today sparked civil unrest in the nation’s capital, as thousands of pro-Zelaya supported rushed the airport. Zelaya is currently in asylum in El Salvador. Two people have reportedly been killed in Tegucigalpa, drawing the first blood in this otherwise peaceful coup (or Constitutional balance of powers, as Zelaya opponents assert).

Meanwhile, thousands of Roatan residents marched in French Harbor and Coxen Hole in support of the interim administration, waiving blue and white signs painted with “Peace and Democracy.”

With a double rainbow brilliantly arching over thunderheads to the southeast, the sun melts into the glowing ripples of Half Moon Bay, spilling the surface with the oily shimmer of diffracted light. We huddle together on the balcony as the stars come out, the rum saturated laughter of a house party flooding the air, haunted by the lingering unspoken question. We do not know how this night will transpire, but we know the night is here and now and beautiful.

How many more do we have?

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    I’ll keep all my fingers crossed for Honduras, and especially for Roatan and for all you brave ex-pat souls, that brains may reign and the greater good may prevail. I think it will. Too many people are thinking (and sending) positive, calm, peaceful thoughts, and picturing a gentle dissolving of the situation. And many more peaceful, wonderful, magical days and nights on Roatan. It’ll be ok.

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