West End Divers SOL Scavanger Hunt a Smash Hit

West End Divers held a smash hit with their West End Scavenger Hunt for SOL International Foundation this evening.

The event pitted dive shop against dive shop in a race to acquire photographs of random objects and events ranging from ordinary household to “OMG I can’t believe you have (or did) that!”

From expired passports to mullets to three legged turtles and men with shaved legs, it was an all-out race around West End for the teams of four. The most elusive and point-heavy of the scavenger hunt items— a photograph of irritable beach rakemaster Dorado autographing a rank— was miraculously managed by both Team Ramrod (Coconut Tree Divers) and Team Scandilicious. Videos of this unprecedented event are forthcoming.

The winners of the Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Team Ramrod (Coconut Tree Divers)
  2. Team Keychain (West End Divers)
  3. Team Scandilicious (Scandinavian tourists)

Congrats to everyone, especially West End Divers for hosting such an outstanding event to benefit the SOL International Foundation!

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