Time for a Change

Given that I’ve been gallivanting around the United States for the last two months, I’ve had a harder time coming up with relevant updates about my life on Roatan. Therefore, it’s come time for me to reevaluate the purpose of TheScubaGeek.com and implement some long-outstanding revisions to the site.

Changes are coming. I’m currently working on an updated layout and structure for the site along with a bevy of new content. The updates will be slowly rolled out over the next two months, but for now here’s a sneak peak at what is under development:

  • More Scuba. Dive site reviews, professional tips to improve your diving, fish facts, industry news, and more.
  • More Geek. Web design advice, code samples, Photoshop tricks, and general geek talk.
  • More Interaction. Improved blog discussion, more pictures and videos, and better maps.
  • More Rum. Rum reviews, drink mixing guides, and rum-based recipes.
  • More Roatan. How to get there, where to stay, what to do, and how to make the most of your trip.
  • More Tales. True stories past and present of my life as a scuba diving instructor.

As 2010 approaches, keep your eyes on TheScubaGeek.com to catch these new updates as they are unveiled!

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