Rain, Riots, Racism, and RECO

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone? November 4, 2008. After one month of depressingly endless rain and wind sinking Roatan to the mud-coated economic low that typifies the island rainy season, things are finally starting to look up. An eclectic international group of expatriates is intensely huddled around a television watching the results of the United States election trickle in. The excitement is palpable: inside, American international policy is finally about to make a profound transition that will hopefully mend the shattered relations between the United States and the rest of the world, while outside the wind is relenting and weather is finally making a turn for the better. When » read more «

Roatan Fishing Tournament 2008

Roatan held its annual fishing tournament this past week, which saw a record-setting marlin hauled in weighing over 700lbs. I honestly have never seen a fish this big in my life… what a great catch! On an completely unrelated note, I am getting fairly tired of WordPress’s limitations. While I can update my blog fairly easily, using some of my more sophisticated PHP scripts is a beeyatch under the WP system. I may be making some changes in the near future, so if my site starts acting funky, I apologize. I had a delicious dinner at Pinocchio’s tonight… their garlic chicken with smoked cheese sauce is absolutely devine, as it their incredible Baileys, ice cream, and chocolate crepe dessert. The » read more «