Roatan Fishing Tournament 2008

Roatan held its annual fishing tournament this past week, which saw a record-setting marlin hauled in weighing over 700lbs. I honestly have never seen a fish this big in my life… what a great catch!

700 pound marlin

On an completely unrelated note, I am getting fairly tired of WordPress’s limitations. While I can update my blog fairly easily, using some of my more sophisticated PHP scripts is a beeyatch under the WP system. I may be making some changes in the near future, so if my site starts acting funky, I apologize.

I had a delicious dinner at Pinocchio’s tonight… their garlic chicken with smoked cheese sauce is absolutely devine, as it their incredible Baileys, ice cream, and chocolate crepe dessert. The prices lean towards the higher end (perhaps a bit too much), but the ambiance of being in a quiet, beautiful restaurant amidst the Honduran jungle makes up for this inconvenience. Service was quite quick and not single morsel went wasted (I licked my dessert plate clean). I’d definitely recommend Pinocchio’s with the caveat that large groups should notify the restaurant in advance in order to secure good service.

Tonight was a big send-off for both Jose and Alex along with Aussie Chris and Mel. The shop won’t be the same without those guys around, but we’ll do our best to keep the Cult going strong. We’ll miss you guys!

Right, I’m going to climb into my air-conditioned bedroom before RECO (Roatan’s Electrical Craptastic Operation) blow another fuse and subjugates me to long, sleepless hours of jungle heat. Adios, y’all.

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