Have a Happy Depression!

Dear America,

You deserve this depression.

It’s incredible. A year ago I was listening to Dr. Ron Paul warn us of imminent economic collapse brought upon by our credit-based system and the Federal Reserve. I agreed with him, but I didn’t think that the collapse would come as fast as it has. And now they’re asking us, the TAXPAYERS, to foot the bill for their retarded actions? No freakin’ way!

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King George came into office with promises of reduced government and limited overseas action. At the end of his two terms, he has embroiled us in two wars (with more in the making– look at the emerging union of Russia-Iran-Venezuela and we SHOULD be scared!) and, worst of all, has reintroduced big government in a way that would make a Democrat blush. The Republican party is dead. This bailout bill is the nail in the coffin of everything they once represented.

Forget Obama and his promises of change. he’s just been given a Democrat’s wet dream (the legitimacy for big government) but his inexperience in the political realm makes me believe that he will run it with all the efficiency of a Honduran lawnmower (aka a man with a machete). As for McCain, the “original maverick” and a the man I used to highly respect (and wished had won the 2000 nod), he is sounding more and and more like the incumbent president as he panders to the neocon base. Neither of these men are the right ones for the job– they are talking heads without any real grasp on the roots of the problem. And don’t even get me started on the media ploy that is Sarah Palin.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. According to the Federal Reserve, it must grow on thin air, because that seems to be where this $700 billion is coming from. Are the American people supposed to trust this incredible sum (which is more than the GNP of almost all other countries in the world) with the same nitwits that got us into this mess? What do we honestly think will happen with that money? That Big Brother will magically make everything okay again?

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You can’t spend money you don’t have. Plain and simple. This is the sometimes-annoying but financially-sound system of a cash-based society such as the one I live in on Roatan. If I don’t have the money, then I cannot acquired the goods except through bartering. It certainly limits the size of the purchases I can make (leading to slower economic growth), but at least it doesn’t get me or our economy in the hole through blowing our financial wads with no means to clean up the mess.

George Washington warned that strictly bi-partisen system would undermine America in the end. When I hear Democrats or Republicans wining about “Our Founding Fathers,” I laugh; neither party should exist according to our founding fathers. Our black-and-white mentality has caused us to be blind to the colors that make America beautiful.

This November I am casting my vote for Dr. Ron Paul for President. He won’t win. He won’t even scratch the surface. Some may argue that it’s a throwaway vote, one that won’t “make a difference.” I’d rather throw my vote away for a right choice than throw my country away for a right vote.

Enjoy your depression, America. Until the country is willing to make some real changes, you deserve it.

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