Divelog #1976

Dive No.: 1976
Dive Site: Sea Tiger Shipwreck, Oahu, Hawaii
Max Depth: 115ft/34m
Total Time: 48mins

Air: 200bar – 70 bar
Mix: EANx30
Tank: 12L/80cu
Weight: 8lbs

Visibility: 50ft/15m
Water: 75F/24C
Exposure: Rash Guard, 5mm full wet suit, 3mm skull cap


Sweet wreck penetration run. Back room of wreck covered with diver memorabilia (champagne bottles, wetsuits, etc). Huge Hawaiian sea turtle napping inside the wreck. Eagle ray swimming around wreck. Two cleverly concealed frogfish, tons of eels, and great coral encrustation all around. My first dive in Hawaii!

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