Divelog #1976

Dive No.: 1976 Dive Site: Sea Tiger Shipwreck, Oahu, Hawaii Max Depth: 115ft/34m Total Time: 48mins Air: 200bar – 70 bar Mix: EANx30 Tank: 12L/80cu Weight: 8lbs Visibility: 50ft/15m Water: 75F/24C Exposure: Rash Guard, 5mm full wet suit, 3mm skull cap Comments: Sweet wreck penetration run. Back room of wreck covered with diver memorabilia (champagne bottles, wetsuits, etc). Huge Hawaiian sea turtle napping inside the wreck. Eagle ray swimming around wreck. Two cleverly concealed frogfish, tons of eels, and great coral encrustation all around. My first dive in Hawaii!

Contingency Plans

My hand twists the tank valve shut. She is visibly nervous. I watch her SPG drop 50 bar with each bubbly breath. The needle pegs at zero. Red zone. Out of air. Slash throat. She grabs her buddy’s alternate air source and tugs. It doesn’t budge. She jerks down again. Nothing. It’s snagged on her buddy’s strap. Her eyes widen with panic. My left hand twists her valve open. I can feel the air pulsing down the tubes to her convulsing lungs. “Okay?” I signal. She breaths deeply, rapidly. I lock my arms on hers and look in her wide eyes. “Breathe… breathe…” The bubbles slow. She’s shaking, but I’m not letting her go anywhere. Not until she’s ready. “Okay,” » read more «