Divelog #1978

Dive No.: 1978
Dive Site: Airplane Canyons, Oahu, Hawaii
Max Depth: 100ft/30m
Total Time: 47mins

Air: 200bar – 70 bar
Mix: EANx32
Tank: 80cu
Weight: 8lbs

Visibility: 80ft/24m
Water: 75F/24C
Exposure: Rash Guard, 5mm full wet suit, 3mm skull cap


Spectacular reef/canyon dive teaming with life. Two octopus, including one large one free-swimming in the open. Two tiny (and awesome looking) leaf scorpionfish. Huge Hawaii turtle. Dozens of moray eels (some crevices had 2-3 eels a piece!). Hundreds of cornetfish whipping about in the mild current. Wreck of a Cessna airplane sits in the middle of a 150ft/45m wide canyon surrounded by schooling grunts and surgeonfish. Excellent Nitrox profile.

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