Divelog #1979

Dive No.: 1979
Dive Site: Mahi Shipwreck, Oahu, Hawaii
Max Depth: 85ft/26m
Total Time: 42mins

Air: 200bar – 110 bar
Mix: EANx36
Tank: 80cu
Weight: 8lbs

Visibility: 60ft/18m
Water: 75F/24C
Exposure: Rash Guard, 5mm full wet suit, 3mm skull cap


180ft shipwreck sunk in the 1980s with very good coral growth. Wreck structure is unstable and swimthrus are discouraged.

Two squadrons of eagle rays, first a pair, next a trio, swam around the wreck. An imperial nudibranch (found only in Hawaii) fell from the wreck and landed on my slates. It hung around for about five minutes, slowly inching up my arm while my buddy snapped photos. Several extremely long fairy nudibranches inched along the wreck, their vibrant blue appendages sporting potent stingers. Schools of Moorish Idols picked at the algae. A swarm of yellow tangs attacked Kirsty’s camera.

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