2010 Roatan Marine Park Photo Contest

BP Oil Spill vs. The World

As the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico grows ever more catastrophic, it can be hard to truly grasp the scope of this disaster amidst all the rapidly changing numbers and apocalyptic predictions. It wasn’t until I visited If It Was My Home – Visualizing the BP Oil Spill (http://www.ifitwasmyhome.com/) that I could get my head around the mind-blowing size of the spill. For example, this is the size of the spill compared to my current residence on the island of Oahu in Hawaii: Try to imagine that entire area covered in an oily sludge…. I’ve included more screenshots comparing the oil spill to other places around the world. Be sure to visit http://www.ifitwasmyhome.com to track the spread » read more «

Lia Barrett Photography goes live

The phenomenal underwater and travel photography of Lia Barrett now has a new home on the web at http://www.liabarrettphotography.com. Lia and I go back a few years when I was a scuba diving instructor at Coconut Tree Divers on the island of Roatan, Honduras. When I first met her, she was helping film the hilariously disastrous Roatan Movie— the making which was infinitely funnier than the final result. We later collaborated on photo shoots for a few web projects around the island. Lia probably holds the world record for most time spent inside a homemade submarine (not including Karl Stanley and Barry, of course). For theses images, she was crouched for hours in a tiny spherical dome. She had to » read more «

Dive master from Roatan missing

URGENT ROATAN NEWS Luca Pagliaro, an Italian native, has disappeared in Roatan, Honduras last week, probably on 16th March 2010, with Mauriliuo Mirabella, owner of a diveshop who has also disappeared. Everybody who has useful news about him please contact me and my mother without hesitation. Please let me know also when is the last time you have seen him. Thanks. Licia and Francesca liciapagliaro@hotmail.com francesca.vcr@libero.it