Flatworms Everywhere

Dive No.: 1993 Dive Site: Hawaii Loa, Oahu, Hawaii Max Depth: 40ft/12m Total Time: 26 mins Air: 200bar – 140 bar Mix: EANx36 Tank: 80cu Weight: 8lbs Visibility: 80ft/24m Water: 75F/24C Exposure: Rash Guard, 5mm full wet suit, 3mm skull cap Comments: Flatworms everywhere! In my brief time swimming the perimeter of the crater at Hawaii Loa, I spotted half a dozen beautifully colored divided flatworms. Fish life, particularly schools sergeant majors, was noticeably abundant. Several spotted eels poked their heads out from from the coral mounds surrounding the site. Unfortunately, my Open Water students were a bit too nervous to stretch out the dive, so I had to leave this flatworm-infested site prematurely. Dive No.: 1994 Dive Site: Koko » read more «