Three New Websites Launch!

Florida to Georgia to Alabama to Mississippi back to Alabama to Tennessee to Georgia to South Carolina to North Carolina. Whew! I’ve been away from Roatan for just over three weeks and my head is still spinning! I’ve taken very little time to write about my ridiculous misadventures in the meantime… I’ll do my best to hammer out some of the more amusing episodes from my trip in the next days, but for now I think my tired eyes are about squirt blood all over my Mac. Why? Because I’ve also been busy cranking out three new websites for Roatan:

Utila Dive Site Map

Click here to explore a map of the Utila’s dive sites! Now you can explore the dive sites around Utila too! During my last vacation to Roatan’s sister island, I took the time to document the island’s dive sites in the TIREngine database. The result? A beautiful, Google Maps-powered interactive map. Zoom in on high resolution satellite imagery of the dive sites surrounding Utila. Click on any site to learn more information, or use the drop-down box above the pull up a full dive site description. Thanks to Alton’s Dive Center in Utila for helping me name and locate the dive sites! To other Utila dive shops and instructors: am I missing some dive sites? Do you have more information » read more «

Contact form fixed

Just a quick update for those of you who have been trying to contact me through the contact form on this site: I’ve fixed it. I’ve been ironing out the merger of my TIREngine with the WordPress engine. As with anything code-related, there’s been hiccups. Sigh, the good ol’ 80-20 rule… Tomorrow’s my day off, so look forward to new updates soon!

The Story of The Scuba Geek

Given that I’ve been living on Roatan for over four years now, I get the question all the time: “so what’s your story?” Well, here it is: