oASiS kicks ASS

I just got back from a kickasstastic evening up at Oasis Lounge in Sandy Bay.

Since Mark and Jonie have taken over the place a few months ago, the quality of service, atmosphere, and food has improved by leaps and bounds. No longer just another random out-of-the-way bar, the new Oasis Lounge merges the serenity of a pool bar with the low-key spunk of a local hangout, albeit one taken up few notches by savory snacks (the Southwestern Egg Roll is defintely worth a bit) and an effective (and attractive) wait staff.

The large plasma television in the lounge is connected to a US-based satellite, ensuring that your Monday Night Football games will air uninterrupted even when the Honduran cable is. Tuesday hosts Quiz Night, a regular laugh of assorted questions in which teams of four compete for a cash prize. Thursdays are a movie night in which the films are selected by audience participation. The lounge frequently hosts community-centric events such as the upcoming Rock Star contest on December 8th with cash prizes going to the best costumed and best performing virtual rock bands.

Come check out the oASiS Lounge in Sandy Bay for a wicked time!

PS: Why oASiS? Just look at their sign and you’ll understand why they’re frequently referred to as the ASS Lounge.

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