Guitar Queero

Oh yeah, baby, I will rock you!

To paraphrase Queen, “I am the champion.” At least I’m the champion versus the nine-year-olds from the Sandy Bay Alternative School at Rock Band. I was absolutely nasty (if I do so say myself), my fingers shredding the five colored fret buttons while wailing on the wammy bar of my Xbox 360 electronic guitar, all whilst relishing the sweet salty tears of my elementary-aged competition as I rocked them a new one.

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit overboard in celebrating my championship, but at the end of the day the real winners were the students of the Sandy Bay Alternative School, as they raised over $300 through the most awesome PTA meeting ever at Oasis Lounge. Kids and adults alike joined up to give it their best shot at vocals, drums, and bass and lead guitars in Rock Band. Prizes were given for best costumed and best rockers (and yes, my endless hours of Guitar Hero practice finally paid off).

In defense, who is to say that my hours of wasted youth spent playing video games haven’t proved beneficial? Aside from my aforementioned Rock Band triumph, I have also scored dough playing college tournaments of Super Smash Bros. Melee, survived the insanity of driving in Honduras thanks to my many hours of Mario Kart action, and even gotten some lady lovin’ due to the fact that I own a Nintendo Wii.

I’m a geek, and damn proud of it!

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