Never Enough Time

For a scuba diver, there is never enough time.

Time is why we watch our bottom timers closely, diving within limits to avoid the unfortunate side-effects of defying evolution.

Time is why we purchase computers, tracking our nitrogen exposure against those ever-ticking no-decompression limits.

Time is why we invest in nitrox-capable tank compressors, why we spend hours learning enriched air dive planning, why we take the additional trouble to analyze our fills: for those precious extra minutes of hovering, blissfully, alongside a massive wreck ten stories beneath the waves.

Time is why we will hang on a decompression line in the open blue for far more minutes than we just spent swimming alongside the wreck of the Josie J at 165ft.

Time is why we plan year-long to save, enduring the long and tedious hours behind the office desk, all for that crucial time of year when we can rediscover the ultimate underwater escape.

Time is why we come from all around the globe, putting aside careers, studies, and myriad pasts for the all-too-few weeks of living the life of a PADI scuba diving professional in the Caribbean.

There is never enough time.

2008 came to a solid conclusion for the Coconut Tree crew. Two full weeks of running eight dives per day plus night dives. Dozens of new divers certified. A massive Christmas feast. Laughs. Smiles. A family away from home.

And what a year it’s been. Annual highlights included:

  • Over 800 PADI certifications issued.
  • Over 2600 customers submerged.
  • Our first PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors graduated from the Instructor Development Courses held under PADI Course Director Will Welbourn.
  • Over 60 shiny new scuba tanks added to our stock.
  • The return of “the floating classroom” Bottom Time after months of repair in La Ceiba (including the insane six-hour crossing back to Roatan).
  • Over 10,000 beers enjoyed during our famous Beer-O-Clocks.
  • The hiring of the first Coconut Tree Instructors to have completed their entire training in-shop.
  • The largest class of PADI Divemaster graduates in shop history.
  • Our insane six-year-old birthday party (don’t ask me for memories, for mine are fuzzy).

It hasn’t always been an easy year. The Cult of Coconut has had to endure some extremely difficult challenges throughout the year, but we have grown stronger and more determined than ever to be Roatan’s #1 PADI Training Center for another consecutive year. If you’re looking for an awesome place to discover scuba diving, aiming to expand on your diving experiences with more advanced drops, or aspiring to work as a professional in the diving industry, there’s no better place to learn than Coconut Tree Divers.

Thanks for the great time. Bring on 2009!

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