Stick to the script, Honduras!

Plot Summary
An innocent protector of the poor is exiled by a military coup, only to rally his people and make a triumphant return against the oppressors.

It’s a great three-act script worthy of a Hollywood movie. “Based on a true story.” Hand over the Oscar, thank you.

In our 21st century marriage of entertainment and journalism, this is the story the mainstream media (MSM) would like you to believe transpired in Honduras during the summer of 2009. Americans were fed the tale of Honduran President Mel Zelaya, champion of the impoverished, ousted at gunpoint in his pajamas in a classic coup engineered by power-hungry elitists. Clips of Zelaya demanding his rightful reinstatement were interspersed with stock footage of civil unrest in the 1980’s, unrelated political demonstrations, and Hurricane Mitch. US President Barack Obama declared the coup illegal, and she-bear Hillary Clinton promised to see Zelaya put back in power.

But Honduras didn’t stick to the script.

As most of us who actually lived in Honduras during that fateful summer can attest, the actual events were far different than the Hollywood script MSM was jamming down American throats. I recently stumbled across an excellent article summarizing the role of MSM in deliberately misconstruing the facts about the coup to fit their storyboard.

Storyboarding the News: How the MSM Turned the Honduran Crisis into A Comic Book – by Mark Klugmann

To “storyboard the news” is to replace straight news reporting with a pre-shaped comic-book narrative, an edited fable sustained by selective reporting.

Victims of media fraud suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder will be excused for hearing the phrase as a riff on Guantanamo, that “storyboarding the news” occurs when the MSM submerges the facts underwater until the truth surrenders.

The truth about Honduras – such as why the so-called “coup” was not a coup at all – was left by the MSM on the cutting-room floor, edited out of the news reporting because it did not fit into the storyboard.

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