Curfew Lifted for the Bay Islands

Thankfully, curfews are over in the Bay Islands as of 3pm and life seems to be back to normal, albeit shakier and with even less tourist activity. The 24-hour nationwide curfews following Mel Zelaya’s surreptitious return to Tegucigalpa remain in effect for the Honduran mainland. Upon receiving the good news of the curfew’s end, we laughed, swam in the sea, played poker, drank rum, played trivia, jumped in the pool, and laughed again. It was as if all of West End was celebrating an early release from house arrest. Spirits were high, the beer flowed, and, for a brief instant, life as usual resumed. But then we stumbled home, tuned in to the world news, and recalled how despondently screwed » read more «

The Coup That Wasn’t

Before you read any more, know this: Everything is fine on Roatan. Please keep coming to our island! “They arrested the President.” I stop, nearly slipping on the wet tiles of the dive shop, and lower the scuba cylinders hoisted in each hand. My skin still glistens with sea salt and sweat, my mind lost in its mental menagerie of groupers, snappers, barracudas, and jacks encountered on the previous dive. The cacophony of banging tanks and bustling interns fades into the background. “Army moved in this morning. Two-hundred guys surrounded his house and arrested him. Dragged him out in his pajamas.” The Boss points to the computer monitor. I quickly scan the displayed website. My gut twists. Fifteen minutes earlier, » read more «