Curfew Lifted for the Bay Islands

Thankfully, curfews are over in the Bay Islands as of 3pm and life seems to be back to normal, albeit shakier and with even less tourist activity. The 24-hour nationwide curfews following Mel Zelaya’s surreptitious return to Tegucigalpa remain in effect for the Honduran mainland.

Upon receiving the good news of the curfew’s end, we laughed, swam in the sea, played poker, drank rum, played trivia, jumped in the pool, and laughed again. It was as if all of West End was celebrating an early release from house arrest. Spirits were high, the beer flowed, and, for a brief instant, life as usual resumed.

But then we stumbled home, tuned in to the world news, and recalled how despondently screwed we are.

I really don’t know what to make of this situation… it completely breaks my heart, really. I spent a good hour crying as I packed some stuff. I’m not ready to leave. This is home. This is five years of my life. This is dreams pursued and dreams lost. This is Roatan, and I love my life on this island.

My plane leaves in eleven days. I don’t know if I’ll be on it. Not yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Make sure you read Micheletti’s letter to the Washington Post in the article (also available at It shows a leader with a level of intelligence rarely found in this part of the world, and point-to-point reiterates my arguments against Mel Zelaya. Too bad the rest of the world sees this guy as the De Facto Dictator of Honduras.

Until later, pray for me and this crazy situation. It’s certainly not your average day at the office……

4 Responses to “Curfew Lifted for the Bay Islands”

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    Love you bro! Will be praying!

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    Your tears brought tears to my eyes, too.

    Following your news from Seattle…keep the rum stocked.

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    I know how you feel… I left Utila on Thursday, and Honduras on Friday, and the entire time I kept asking myself am I sure, do I really want to go somewhere else… but now…. who can afford to stay? The summer was so dismal. Hopefully the elections in November will turn it all around, and the rest of the world will recognize the new goverment, whomever it may be.

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    I’m gutted………all i want to do is return to roatan and my plans are looking very shakey now. i hope like hell it gets better and people return and no has to leave. sad yr not going to be on the island if and when i return life is a little bit empty without the idea of any return in the near future

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